How women only leadership programmes help close the gender pay gap

Technology may be a trail-blazing sector but when it comes to the gender pay gap, men are still out-earning women from promotions to pay cheques.

At the same time, there are increasing demands from both shareholders and employees for a diverse and inclusive workforce. Not just because it’s good for profitability but it increases productivity and enhances your reputation as a world-class employer.

Women feel less entitled than men

A report published by The Female Lead earlier this year found that “Women have been socially conditioned to feel less entitled than men in all areas of their lives and this has created a big entitlement gap between men and women.

This means that even in organisations with a strong commitment to workforce diversity, we see career progression plateau for mid-career women while male progression continues to rise.

When you develop target-driven action plans, it sends a clear commitment that you understand what is causing your pay gaps and that you will take meaningful steps to address those challenges.

A women’s leadership development programme is one tangible initiative that gets a significant return on your investment.

But if you’ve never offered one before, it may be overwhelming to start with an in-house initiative. That’s why I offer employers the opportunity to send your staff to participate in a public Women In Technology Leadership programme.

Get in touch to find out more about my next public programme which starts in June 2021.

Why a women only leadership programme?

Given that the technology sector tends to be male-dominated, it’s appropriate to introduce a women-only programme.

Such initiatives are welcomed by women because they provide a safe environment for discussion and an opportunity to talk about particular perspectives that women experience in (and out of) the workplace.

Whether you run in-house or send participants to a public offering, a women’s leadership development programme will:

  • Enhance your reputation as a forward-thinking employer taking proactive steps to develop and retain its female talent which means that you are more likely to attract (and retain) the best female talent.
  • Give an opportunity for participants to be inspired, encouraged, motivated and held accountable so that the participants become leading role models which means that the programme has a ripple effect.
  • Offer a structured format exploring key principles of authentic leadership so that participants develop confidence in their leadership skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence and self-awareness which means that they become genuine advocates to support you in adapting the cultural landscape.
  • Build skills in areas where women may feel uncomfortable or less confident such as self-advocacy, negotiation, or taking credit for achievements which means that they are better informed and equipped to take ownership for their own careers.
  • Create access to a professional network, a ‘circle of trust’ so that they become more creative and productive with the pooling of expertise and experience which means that they are better equipped to tackle your technology challenges.

The advantages of public training over in-house programmes

Let’s explore the key advantages of sending your female talent to a public training programme:

  • Participants mix with people from different companies and backgrounds so that they gain fresh perspective and new insights which means that they develop original and innovative approaches.
  • Participants are less likely to become isolated and stuck in the ‘traditional’ ways of doing things, which means that they are more likely to develop modern and inventive products.
  • Increased privacy and confidentiality so that participants feel safe to share challenging scenarios which means that they are more likely to tackle similar situations in a more mature and considered way in the future.
  • More cost effective than running a full women’s leadership programme in house which means that you are more likely to get budget approval to ‘test the waters’.
  • You don’t need to book meeting rooms and organise supplies which means that it reduces the administrative burden.
  • Work with an established specialist in women’s leadership development which means that you get the benefit of deep-rooted knowledge and experience.

My next public programme – June 2021

It’s for these reasons that I’m offering you the opportunity to send your female talent to my next public Women In Technology Leadership programme.

The price per participant is just £3,000 and the next cohort begins on 28 June 2021.

There is minimal pre-registration involved.

Plus it’s virtual so there are no travel costs involved and your employees can attend from anywhere in the world.

Get in touch today if you’re ready to do more to develop your female talent and start to close the gender pay gap.

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