• Joysy John And Hana Abdi: How To Motivate Women To Find A Career In Technology
    People who have a career in technology are only composed of 19% women. With this industry dominated by men, what can be done for women to get into this thriving community? Sherry Bevan explores this subject further with Joysy John, CEO of 01 Founders, and Hana Abdi, Tech Leader at 01 Founders and the Founder […]
  • How Fujitsu Is Working Towards Closing The Gender Pay Gap With Rachel Marsh
    There’s a lot of talk on how to close the gender pay gap but what are companies actually doing to make it happen? In this episode, Head of Digital Transformation, Rachel Marsh, shares what Fujitsu has been doing to stay ahead in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She chats with Sherry Bevan on what’s […]
  • Recruitment Tips That Will Help You Attract More Women To Apply For Your Job Vacancies With Nicola Spooner
    There has been a shift in organizations where the value of diversity in the workforce is now recognized. But how do we also shift our recruitment strategies to attract more women to apply for job vacancies, especially in male-dominated industries? In this episode, Sherry Bevan sits down with Nicola Spooner of Nicola Spooner Consulting to give recruiters tips […]
  • The Impacts Of Imposter Syndrome On The Gender Pay Gap And What To Do About It With Clare Josa
    Imposter Syndrome is already an issue for leaders, but the stigma imposed by gender only amplifies it. This can manifest itself in your organization in many ways, one of which is through the gender pay gap. Today, joining your host Sherry Bevan is the leading authority on Imposter Syndrome in the UK, Clare Josa. She speaks on her landmark research study about Imposter Syndrome to clearly define the phenomena and its impacts on the gender pay gap. She also discusses concrete examples of how it affects employees and leaders in the workplace. Plus, Clare shares tips for companies on how to be more proactive in dealing with Imposter Syndrome to promote an equitable workplace and empower its workforce. Tune in to this insightful discussion to learn more!
  • Initiatives And Actions You Can Do To Close The Gender Pay Gap
    Some women still get paid less than men for the same work in a company. That’s the hard truth that’s still happening nowadays. In this episode, Sherry Bevan gives a broad overview of all the different approaches used by organizations that want to strengthen their female talent pipeline to close the gender pay gap. She […]
  • Emotional Intelligence: Does It Affect The Gender Pay Gap?
    We often hear that women have higher emotional intelligence. How does this affect their ability to take on leadership roles? Sherry Bevan delves into five elements that make up emotional intelligence and the various studies of how men and women score in this area. She explains how this affects women’s professional advantage and expertise, their […]
  • The Gender Gap In Self-Promotion: How To Encourage More Women To Put Themselves Forward
    Certain companies have half their workforce female, but there are very few women in leadership positions. Why does this keep happening, even today? Sherry Bevan explores the gender gap in self-promotion. A self-promotion is an essential tool for career advancement. Women have to realize that they are valuable and worth it. In this episode, Sherry […]
  • How Performance Feedback At Work Influences Your Gender Pay Gap With Shirin Nikaein
    Performance feedback is often used as a tool to measure competency and is, therefore, a gauge for employee success, with good feedback often rewarded with better pay or promotions. Yet, in the case of women in the workplace, it can also be the cause of a gender pay gap. Join Sherry Bevan as she explores […]
  • Breaking The Tech Industry Hierarchy To Close The Gender Pay Gap With Jo Stansfield
    There is an assumption that women can only do certain things and that they aren’t qualified for more technical roles in the tech industry. Now is the time to break that hierarchy and give everyone equal opportunity. Joining this episode is the founder and director of Inclusioneering, Jo Stansfield, to talk about how the hierarchy affects the gender pay gap. Learn how to break the perceived status of women and how they can learn different skill sets. Learn how to be flexible so that you can move up the ranks and break the pay gap.
  • How Being A Carer-Friendly Workplace Will Help You Close Your Gender Pay Gap
    The demands of full-time work and balancing that with caring responsibilities can be extremely difficult. In this episode, we explore: The scale and impact of caring for elderly relatives on top of a full-time job The working definition of a working carer The challenges that working carers face How this will be affecting your gender […]
  • COVID-19 And The Gender Pay Gap: Why Women May Have Less Chances Of Promotion After The Pandemic
    40% of employers expect more than half of their workforce to work from home after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, and many of these are women. The danger is that women will become less active and less visible in the workplace. With less visibility comes lesser chances of promotion. In this episode, we explore: why […]
  • Addressing The Gender Pay Gap: Why Equal Pay Is Not The Only Solution
    Sometimes, when I reach out to technology companies to find out what they’re doing to close their gender pay gap, they tell me “We don’t have a problem, we have an equal pay policy.” You can have an equal pay policy and still have a gender pay gap. The two are related, but they are […]
  • How hybrid working will widen the gender pay gap
    With the news that the government remains cautious about deciding whether to end all Covid restrictions in England on 21 June, we are all eagerly awaiting details of the next stage out of lockdown. Every day there’s another story about the havoc being wreaked in the wake of Covid-19. And every week, a new report […]
  • How women only leadership programmes help close the gender pay gap
    Technology may be a trail-blazing sector but when it comes to the gender pay gap, men are still out-earning women from promotions to pay cheques. At the same time, there are increasing demands from both shareholders and employees for a diverse and inclusive workforce. Not just because it’s good for profitability but it increases productivity and […]
  • A powerful way for tech companies to support female talent development
    A powerful way for technology companies to support female talent development is by great way to develop your female tech talent is to sponsor them to attend external networking events. One of the best ones coming up in the summer is the WomenTech Global Conference which runs from 7-11 June 2021. I’m delighted to be […]
  • Top 3 predictions for tech companies who want to close the gender pay gap
    Have you reported on your gender pay gap yet?  As of Friday last week, the number of companies to make their disclosures was just 2,528 which inevitably brings into question the commitment of employers to tackle the gender pay gap.  Although employers now have until October to report, both the EHRC and the CIPD  have urged employers to […]
  • How to use story telling to close the gender pay gap
    It might be a new year but I’m still asking the same question … what do we need to do to close the gender pay gap?  Particularly for women in technology. What’s so special about women in technology? Everything and nothing. Everything because technology has been my chosen sector for the past 30 years. Nothing […]
  • Why increasing diversity is a top 10 trend in IT industry
    According to Carolyn April, senior director of industry analysis at CompTIA, increasing diversity is one of the 10 trends to watch in the IT industry in 2021. As reported in the IT Industry Outlook 2021 report, it’s time for companies to move beyond awareness of increasing diversity to public accountability on deliverables. We know there […]
  • Shortlisted in The Learning Awards!
    I love to keep one foot in employment so that I have a real and lived understanding of the challenges faced by your best female talent. Back in March, I started a part-time fixed term contract at Macmillan Cancer Support. I joined the Volunteering L&D team to work on a project to design and develop […]
  • How to support staff going through redundancy
    It makes good business sense to offer as much support as you can to employees going through redundancy, including offering outplacement support. But it’s also important to support the staff who are not leaving. They are likely to be feeling a mixture of upset, guilt, relief, anger and grief. Outplacement support helps the staff being […]