Career clinics

My drop-in career clinics are a cost-effective way to engage your employees and help them to focus on their career progression and career development so that they feel supported and perform at their very best which means that you build your employer brand, reduce talent attrition and increase productivity.

We can discuss specific needs but typically my clients offer their staff 30 or 45 minute slots with me, an experienced career coach on a set date.

We run the drop-in monthly or quarterly, depending on your size. Or you may want to do more ad hoc during periods of organisational change.

Your employees can use the time to explore a range of topics with an experienced and objective career coach. For example:

  • how to make a bigger impact at work and apply for promotion
  • how to prepare for an important client pitch
  • how to create a better work-family balance
  • how to strengthen relationship with a new manager
  • how to take on their next leadership role with confidence and purpose
  • how to cope more effectively with overwhelm so as to avoid burnout.

Your investment

Fees from £1800 for a half day which provides 6 x 30 minute slots or 4 x 45 minute slots.

Let’s talk …

Get in touch if you want to build a more inclusive and diverse team, strengthen your female talent pipeline and develop your female talent so that you increase retention, reduce attrition and become a more attractive employer prospect for top female talent which means that you close the gender pay gap.

Click here to find a date and time that works for you.