A former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm and over two decades of leadership experience, I now work with ambitious women to help them get clear what they really want then find the confidence to do it. The Confident Mother is an independent coaching practice that advocates an approach focusing on celebrating and loving life as a woman and a mother.

Here I share resources to help you balance the five elements in the confidence circle that underpin The Confident Mother philosophy: contribution, wellness, work, family and the feminine. Get that feeling of confidence so that you too discover how to celebrate and love life as a woman and as a mother.

Career and Leadership Confidence Coaching

Discover how to work with Sherry for career or leadership coaching.  Work with Sherry one-to-one or as part of a group. Full details here.

10 Day LinkedIn Challenge

We start again in September. If you know you want to make a bigger impact on LinkedIn and attract more of the right people and opportunities to your profile, find out more about the free 10 Day Challenge here … 

The workplace challenge report

In December 2016, 200 women responded to my survey on the top 5 workplace challenges for ambitious women. Visit The Confident Mother website for the shorthand version of the report or download the full copy for more detail. (Includes links and suggestions for useful further reading).

Confident Conversations

weekly podcast show for ambitious women about confidently balancing work and life without burning out. Listen to weekly episodes here  <<HERE>>. Or find the show and subscribe on iTunes <<HERE>>.


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