What mums say

I wanted to share some of the lovely things that my clients say about me or to me.

“enormous value”and “expert coaching skills”

“My staff have found their work with Sherry of enormous value and it has proved extremely helpful in the overall management of the team.

Sherry’s expert coaching skills bring out the best in staff by assisting them to elicit their own needs and then working with them to develop real-life plans to improve performance.”

Maurice Millen, Head of IT, Macfarlanes


“enthusiasm is infectious” and “good business knowledge”

“Sherry brings many talents to her coaching. She is patient, organised and her enthusiasm is infectious. Her good business knowledge and positive mindset really contribute to a quality service. Rare to work with someone so passionate about what they do and I think this is what makes her service really stand out.”

Lorna Mills, Company Director, Cheshire


“Life-changing” and “powerful”

“Having Sherry by my side while I step my way through the transition from stay at home mum to working mum has been utterly invaluable. Her gentle but firm approach has given me the chance to re-engage with the “professional” within me, allowing me to move forward while keeping on track of all other aspects of my life.

She delivered a fantastic and generous level of support, encouragement and guidance without it ever feeling forceful, and she has an incredible knack for teasing out and addressing any issues that may be blocking progress.

Sherry far exceeded my expectations … and has enabled me to discover what it is to feel powerful.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the experience of working with her has been life-changing.

Thank you Sherry.”

Ashley A, Event Organiser, Manchester


“Professional” and “Approachable”

“Sherry is a very professional coach, yet is also really approachable and easy to work with. She helped me to set up my new business as a Yoga teacher, and to feel confident about aspects of the business that I previously felt unsure about.

She taught me an effective problem-solving approach which I have used many times since. I am now able to focus on the teaching, knowing that I have a proper business structure and system in place.

I would highly recommend Sherry as a coach.”

Emma Martin, Yoga Teacher, Bromley

“astute” and “confidence”

“Sherry has helped me make progress in my business set-up.

She asked astute questions going to the core of the issue which helped me unravel my issue. She helped me see beyond my fears so that I would gain confidence and take bold steps forward.”

Tanja Spittal, Relocation Coach, Gerrards Cross


“directly positive effect on my effectiveness as a business woman”

“I had 6 sessions of coaching with Sherry and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She helped me to focus clearly on my goals for my business. Within a couple of sessions I had implemented several things that had a directly positive effect on earnings, organisation and my own effectiveness as a business woman. Indeed, I didn’t really think of myself as a business woman until my sessions with Sherry.”

Kate Barnard, Therapist, Bedford


“put me at ease”

“This was my first experience of working with a coach and I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the very outset I found Sherry extremely easy to talk to.  Her coaching style put me at ease from the very beginning and allowed me to fully relax into each session.”

Nancy Sealy, IT Specialist, East London


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