Take a proper break – it’s good for your career

Loved the final article that appeared in City AM on Friday 10 February.

Taking a proper break is essential – for your health and for your business performance.

It’s not about how long and how often you are in the office. It’s about the quality of the work that you do when you are there.

You might also be interested in the video blog that I recorded with Dr Christian Jessen and Geoff Rolls on the same topic of taking a break.

Watch it HERE.

Leadership Confidence

As some of you know, I am a big believer in the power of masterminds and peer groups. When you bring like-minded women together, magic happens and the result is always bigger than the sum of the parts. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

That’s why I’m putting together a 6 month Leadership Confidence programme. I have seen THE perfect venue for the retreat bit by the sea. It’s gorgeous – amazing food, the rooms are incredible, it has an underground grotto & spa pool. Free sherry & gin in your room! (That’s the bit that sold me!!)

I’m so excited and I just want to launch it NOW and not wait for all the fancy pants marketing pieces. It will be limited to an absolute max 8 women. If you’re interested (or you somebody who might be), let’s talk so you don’t miss out on the 40% off special deal I’m offering to the first 4 who sign up.

Let’s talk if this sounds like something that will benefit you. Book your call here.