Top 3 predictions for tech companies who want to close the gender pay gap

Have you reported on your gender pay gap yet? 

As of Friday last week, the number of companies to make their disclosures was just 2,528 which inevitably brings into question the commitment of employers to tackle the gender pay gap. 

Although employers now have until October to report, both the EHRC and the CIPD  have urged employers to report their figures by the usual reporting deadlines i.e. 4 April for the private sector. 

Top 3 predictions for tech companies who want to close the gender pay gap

On LinkedIn last week I shared my top 3 predictions for closing the gender pay gap in 2021

In summary, my predictions are:

  1. The Gender Pay Gap in the technology sector will worsen not improve
  2. An increased focus to improve flexible working practices
  3. Too much focus on the gender pay gap numbers and not the bigger picture

Check out the article HERE to see if my predictions correlate with yours. 

What else I am doing to develop and retain female tech talent this month

One of my technology company clients is about to launch a new women’s network. I’m going to be their keynote speaker at their launch event to talk about how to use networking and personal branding for maximum impact on your career success. 

We’ve worked together to develop a presentation whose aim is to help participants: 

  • recognise the benefits of networking to create positive influence and impact which means that they will be more successful in applying for more senior roles
  • understand how skills such as listening, empathy, and emotional intelligence contribute to building strong business relationships which means that participants feel confident networking in a way that feels authentic and achievable
  • get inspired and encouraged to create and implement effective networking strategies which means that they are more likely to put these into action, even if they are an introvert
  • leave the session with tangible and practical takeaways which means that they will be able to confidently network online or work a room from starting a conversation to elegantly moving onto the next conversation
  • get motivated to leverage their network with authenticity which means that they are more likely to progress their career more quickly

Let’s talk

If you’d love a market insight call to explore what the technology sector is doing to develop and retain female talent to close the gender pay gap, let’s talk. Email me today at

About Sherry Bevan

Leadership consultant, author and speaker, Sherry Bevan is a former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm. In 2012, after 25 years in the City, she set herself up as an independent consultant and coach.

Sherry specialises in partnering with technology companies to develop and retain their female talent so that they get promoted which means that you close the gender pay gap, through workshops, development programmes and 1:1 coaching.

Get in touch by email or via LinkedIn to book a call to find out how you can work with Sherry to develop and retain your top female talent.

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