• National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Special: The Profit For Purpose Mission In Cybersecurity With Dr. Jacqui Taylor Of Flying Binary
    The cybersecurity career path appeals to women because it is purpose-driven. But most of technological innovation is driven by profit. Dr. Jacqui Taylor believes that the best of both worlds can be combined in what she calls a profit-for-purpose model. As the co-founder and CEO of Flying Binary, Jacqui is on a mission to create […]
  • Interview With Ashley Baich Of Accenture To Celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
    Joining us for another episode of our special National Cybersecurity Awareness Month series is Ashley Baich. Ashley is the Readiness and Crisis Management Security Consultant at Accenture in their Cyber Investigation, Forensics, and Response (CIFR) practice, responsible for helping organizations flex their crisis response capabilities. She chats with host Sherry Bevan about her journey into […]
  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Special: Cybersecurity Is A Mission, Not A Job With Laura Whitt-Winyard
      Cybersecurity is a mission, not a job. Today’s guest has 20+ years of experience to prove that. As part of our National Cybersecurity Awareness Month miniseries, we talk to Laura Whitt-Winyard, CISSP, CISM, CISA, CRISC, a Fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology and International Advisory Board Member at HMG Strategy. Laura got […]
  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Special: Navigating The Unconventional Route A Cybersecurity Career With Emma Jones
    This episode offers you the senior consultant of Crowdstrike, Emma Jones, to celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Emma shares the unintentional move of her career in cybersecurity. Given that she has no background in the role, the transferable core skills she possessed allowed her to fare pretty well in the space. She enjoyed each moment […]
  • Cultural Change, Continuous Learning, And Cybersecurity With Dora Ross For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
    There’s always something to learn. You don’t have to know everything, but you should look for innovative ways to acquire new knowledge every day to achieve the success you are meant to have. This interview is one of a series of interviews with women in cybersecurity. The series is published in October 2022 to celebrate […]
  • Taking On More Complex Projects In The Cyber Industry With Chloe Acebes Of Sophos To Celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
    Going to the next level in your career means having to take on more complex projects. And our guest in this episode has done that while coaching and mentoring women in technology. Sherry Bevan interviews Chloe Acebes, the Director of Software Engineering at Sophos, with 20+ years’ experience in the cybersecurity industry. Chloe leads teams […]
  • Delivering Trusted, Clean, And Accessible Knowledge With Rebecca Taylor Of Secureworks To Celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
      Trusted information is crucial in an industry where one wrong move stands between being protected and attacked. This is the heart of Rebecca Taylor’s position as the Threat Intelligence Knowledge Manager at Secureworks. In this episode, she sits down with Sherry Bevan to tell us more about her role, along with the interesting career journey that […]
  • Narrowing The Gender Pay Gap Through Leadership Coaching
    Too often, we question the impact a leadership coach can make. Is it practical, when do you need one, and will it be worth the investment? In this episode, host Sherry Bevan shares tips and important points to consider when selecting a leadership coach. Choosing the right coach can contribute to achieving your goal as a company, […]
  • Challenges And Best Practices In Attracting And Retaining Female Talent In Cybersecurity
    In the spring of 2022, Sherry Bevan hosted a round table where she invited several cybersecurity companies to talk about attracting and retaining more female talent into cybersecurity. Representatives from Blackberry, ISTARI, Beyond Trust, Redscan, and Adarma Security came along and participated in a fruitful discussion. They looked into attracting more women into cybersecurity, tackling […]
  • National Carers Week: Show Support For Your Working Carers
    Statistically, three in five women say that their caring role has blocked their career progress. For men, one in five say caring had stopped them from applying for promotion or a new job. As we can see, the act of balancing work and caring responsibilities is a challenge that poses a risk to the growth […]
  • Diversity in Cybersecurity: Jess Figueras On What’s Causing The Cyber Skills Shortage
    Diversity in the workforce is an issue that many industries are striving to improve. But what about cybersecurity? Jess Figueras sheds light on the matter with host Sherry Bevan. Jess is an independent tech industry strategy adviser and the Vice-Chair of the UK Cyber Security Council. She has experienced first-hand the lack of and the need for more […]
  • Five Key Trends And Predictions To Close The Gender Pay Gap In The Year 2022
    2021 was a very challenging year for most of us for various reasons. We all experienced a decline in productivity and anxiety brought by the pandemic. Then, just when we thought it was all over, another surge began. And women at work are going through even more burnouts, stress, and confusion. What will the next […]
  • The Power Of Negotiation: Protecting Your Career From Falling Foul Of The Gender Pay Gap
    As a woman, you should know your worth. Join Sherry Bevan in this episode as she discusses how women can protect their careers in this complicated world. Closing the gender pay gap requires a two-pronged approach. At the organizational level, we can implement initiatives to tackle female talent development and retention. At the individual level, […]
  • Motherhood Penalty: How It Affects The Gender Pay Gap
    Aside from the still unaddressed gender pay gap, women face yet another employment issue: motherhood penalty. Numerous studies show that women’s earnings and career are negatively impacted after giving birth to their first child. Mums also earn far less than those who don’t have any kids. Sherry Bevan presents the worrying statistics of women not […]
  • Joysy John And Hana Abdi: How To Motivate Women To Find A Career In Technology
    People who have a career in technology are only composed of 19% women. With this industry dominated by men, what can be done for women to get into this thriving community? Sherry Bevan explores this subject further with Joysy John, CEO of 01 Founders, and Hana Abdi, Tech Leader at 01 Founders and the Founder […]
  • How Fujitsu Is Working Towards Closing The Gender Pay Gap With Rachel Marsh
    There’s a lot of talk on how to close the gender pay gap but what are companies actually doing to make it happen? In this episode, Head of Digital Transformation, Rachel Marsh, shares what Fujitsu has been doing to stay ahead in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She chats with Sherry Bevan on what’s […]
  • Recruitment Tips That Will Help You Attract More Women To Apply For Your Job Vacancies With Nicola Spooner
    There has been a shift in organizations where the value of diversity in the workforce is now recognized. But how do we also shift our recruitment strategies to attract more women to apply for job vacancies, especially in male-dominated industries? In this episode, Sherry Bevan sits down with Nicola Spooner of Nicola Spooner Consulting to give recruiters tips […]
  • The Impacts Of Imposter Syndrome On The Gender Pay Gap And What To Do About It With Clare Josa
    Imposter Syndrome is already an issue for leaders, but the stigma imposed by gender only amplifies it. This can manifest itself in your organization in many ways, one of which is through the gender pay gap. Today, joining your host Sherry Bevan is the leading authority on Imposter Syndrome in the UK, Clare Josa. She speaks on her landmark research study about Imposter Syndrome to clearly define the phenomena and its impacts on the gender pay gap. She also discusses concrete examples of how it affects employees and leaders in the workplace. Plus, Clare shares tips for companies on how to be more proactive in dealing with Imposter Syndrome to promote an equitable workplace and empower its workforce. Tune in to this insightful discussion to learn more!
  • Initiatives And Actions You Can Do To Close The Gender Pay Gap
    Some women still get paid less than men for the same work in a company. That’s the hard truth that’s still happening nowadays. In this episode, Sherry Bevan gives a broad overview of all the different approaches used by organizations that want to strengthen their female talent pipeline to close the gender pay gap. She […]
  • Emotional Intelligence: Does It Affect The Gender Pay Gap?
    We often hear that women have higher emotional intelligence. How does this affect their ability to take on leadership roles? Sherry Bevan delves into five elements that make up emotional intelligence and the various studies of how men and women score in this area. She explains how this affects women’s professional advantage and expertise, their […]