The Impact of Hybrid Working on The Gender Pay Gap In Technology

3 September 2021

As we’re all starting to make our way back into the office after the summer, I’m hearing companies every day making announcements about their future work model and how much ‘remote’ or ‘working from home’ will be allowed going forward.

Some companies seem to be flexibly flexible whereas others are most definitely not.

Which is exactly what I predicted back in June when I started to organise my Executive Round Table on The Impact of Hybrid Working on The Gender Pay Gap In Technology.

With more of us working from home, it’s going to be challenging to maintain visibility at work.

Maybe challenging isn’t the right word, but as individuals, we’ll need to be more proactive at HOW we manage our presence in the office so that we stay visible and front of mind when it comes to interesting projects that lead to progression.

And as HR leaders we need to be more thoughtful on how we ensure there’s equal opportunity for visibility and that promotions don’t become the exclusive right of those who decide to work in the office rather than work from home.

That’s exactly why I’m bringing together a small group of HR leaders from other technology companies, including Sky, Microsoft and Sage to share insights, experiences and learnings on The Impact of Hybrid Working On The Gender Pay Gap.

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Launch of Closing The Gender Pay Gap

27 July 2021

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Sharing tips, techniques and talent pipeline strategies to help technology companies do more to attract, develop and retain female talent to strengthen the female talent pipeline and close the gender pay gap.

From promotions to pay cheques, latest figures reveal men are still out-earning women at work in the technology sector.

While technology is seen as a trail-blazing sector, it’s lagging behind in closing the gender pay gap for women in technology. It’s a deep-rooted issue which means that there’s no overnight fix.

There are increasing demands from both shareholders and employees for a diverse and inclusive workforce. Not just because it’s good for profitability but it increases productivity and enhances your reputation as a world-class employer.

With episodes on fixing a leaky talent pipeline, fine tuning your female talent development initiatives, sharing what women in technology want from an employer and demonstrating the business case for diversity and inclusion, there is an episode for you wherever you are on your gender pay gap journey!

There are many approaches to tackle the gender pay gap including:

  • Talent development programmes
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development training
  • Gender neutral talent acquisition
  • Talent retention initiatives
  • Establishing an inclusive women’s network
  • Encouraging salary negotiations
  • Transparency in promotions, pay rises and reward
  • Commitment to flexible working practices

Which is good news because it means there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a significant difference to diversity and inclusion for your employer.

So I want to show you how you can do more to attract, develop and retain the best female talent in technology.

Episodes are released twice a month where I share my insights on a variety of different topics and answer questions so that you know how to strengthen your female talent pipeline and close the gender pay gap.

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