The Confident Mother conference starts in January

I’m getting very excited now about the amazing speakers who are agreeing to be interviewed for The Confident Mother online conference in January.

We are going to be covering a wide range of topics from your employment rights when you are pregnant or on maternity leave to ideas for starting your own business; how to boost your productivity to helping your children to manage their emotions.

I’d love you to join me – you can sign up here.

I’m moving – will you come with me?

… yes it’s true, I’m moving. Well my blog is moving. And I’m really excited.

When I spent time in the New Forest last week to focus ON my business, I found fresh clarity and inspiration. I am rebranding everything, including my blog, from The Confidence Guide to The Confident Mother.

You probably know that The Confident Mother conference and book have been my main focus this past 12 months.

So why am I only now changing the business name? Well quite honestly, and somewhat ironically, I needed the clarity to have the confidence to make the change.

I know this is the same for the women I work with. When you are really clear on what it is you want, you find the confidence to just go and do it. Change and transition can be scary. But when you know WHAT you want, it’s easy to get started.

I’ve realised that my role is not just to guide women through building confidence, it’s about helping you to be The Confident Mother, celebrating and loving life as a woman and as a mother. It’s about helping you to find that clarity; to create that feeling of confidence; to feel powerful and to tease out the issues that are blocking progress.

The rebranding is happening in stages … I’ve updated the Facebook page. My blog moved today (thank you Helen); the group for mums in business has been renamed; from next week, all my emails and newsletters will come from The Confident Mother. No doubt, there’ll be bits that I’ve missed.

Otherwise it’s no change. I’m doing the same work, with the same focus, I have just got really clear on how I do it.

If you have subscribed to my blog, come on over to its new home here and re-subscribe