The Confidence Oasis (business membership club)


The Confidence Oasis is a place to seek replenishment and refresh your ideas if you’re starting out in a business, or just need extra confidence to do what you’re doing.

Enjoy access to members-only content, monthly group coaching and expert interviews on a range of business topics. All hosted online for easy access wherever you are.

If you want increased business confidence, greater success, more clarity without neglecting your family … join The Confidence Oasis today.

Are you a mum running your own business? Fed up struggling on your own? Feel like you are going round in circles? Lack clarity and focus, yet don’t know how to find it? Frustrated with how your business is growing? Want support for the big decisions in your business? Experiencing lapses in your self-belief and business confidence? Feeling frustrated and isolated?

Maybe other business owners or entrepreneurs have suggested you get a business coach or join a mastermind. You know it’s a good idea because you want to stop feeling trapped by lack of confidence. You need help to move beyond the inertia blocks that are holding you back. However the investment scares you. You don’t think you’re ready yet.

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Do you want to make strong confident decisions for your business? Do you want to feel supported? Do you want to feel powerful? Do you want the next 12 months to be your most successful yet? Just imagine if you had fresh inspiration and creativity. Think how much energy you will have with greater clarity and focus. Visualise how much more you will achieve when you are held accountable?

Let me tell you a bit about my story …

Twelve months ago, my core offering was coaching leaders and managers of business services teams in law firms, helping them to develop and lead effective teams striving for excellence in performance. And I was very good at it. I have great testimonials on LinkedIn to prove that.  However today my focus is different. Something happened on …  17 September 2014

This is the day I decided to transform my business. This is the email I sent to my coach after THE transformational session:

I’m not feeling excited yet – I think I’m still a little fearful, a little scared, but I know if I let go a little bit, I’m going to feel SO SO very excited.  You have allowed me the time and space to be open and honest, and I seriously didn’t realise that coaching could be like this.

I had decided to focus on working with women and helping them to feel powerful, to make strong confident decisions. I had known for many months that working with law firms just wasn’t exciting for me. I was good at it but I wasn’t passionate about it. While I had been coaching women even before I launched my business in 2012, until that day I felt ‘obliged’ that I ‘should’ focus on the corporate market because it was more grown-up and sophisticated. Aaagghhhh … I’m kicking myself now for not making the change earlier. Whereas working with women, helping them to launch a business or change career … I love it.

My decision that day was to simply focus on being happy and doing what I love. I decided to do work that makes me feel alive; that’s exciting; that feels easy; effortless effort; my zone of genius as opposed to my zone of excellence. I decided to drop all the barriers, all the obstacles, all the baggage from my teenage years. I allowed myself to fall in love again with my business.

How I felt about my business then and now – there’s simply no comparison.  I just couldn’t love my life any more than I do right now.

The next part was easy!

Once I had made the decision, once I knew WHAT I was doing, as a born action-taker, the rest was easy. And I can make that super easy for you too. Between October 2014 and January 2015, I continued with my existing corporate commitments however my action-taking energy focussed on just ONE thing: helping women to feel powerful so they can make confident decisions.

Now look at me …

  • Regular panelist on BBC Radio Kent
  • Frequent invitations to speak and be interviewed on confidence (with Vivienne Smith, Susan Heaton Wright, Mildred Talabi and more)
  • Collaboration with a national training company for confidence in the workplace series
  • Regular blogger for Birds on the Blog and Books on the Blog
  • Author (book published September 2015)
  • Runner up in the UK Expert Authority Challenge 2014
  • Nominated Entrepreneurial Mum of the Year
  • Nominated for NCT Stars Award 2015
  • Nominated for NCT President 2015 (an opportunity only available once every 5 years)
  • Frequent recipient of unsolicited heart-warming feedback: ‘Sherry I love you! I love all your brilliant hard work. Just wanted to let you know.’

With the right support, you can do it too

The mums I often talk to are like I was 12 months ago? Doing good work – excellent work even, but not feeling the buzz, the excitement, the passion? Do you wish you had bursts of excited dancing around the kitchen table because of something you achieved or even better, something your client has achieved? Do you want your business to feel like effortless effort? Are you scared of letting go? Trying to be too perfect? Not sure that you’re good enough? Feeling overwhelmed and just not sure where to even start looking for the passion in your business? You CAN fall in love with your business. You CAN love the life you lead.

It’s simple … focus on doing what you love. What only you can do or bring to the world. On what makes you truly happy. Your passion will shine through. You will be more authentic. You will have more energy. You will seem more attractive. You will have more clients. You will be loved. You will learn to love yourself. Of course there’s more to it than that.

Overnight success doesn’t come to any of us … there’s hard work, dedication and maybe even some blood, sweat and tears involved. When you are ready to step up to the challenge (and if not now, when will you be?) then

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What will you find at The Confidence Oasis?

The Confidence Oasis is a business membership club which provides a safe space for business mums like you to develop your confidence so that you can take decisive action to grow your business. You will benefit from group support to make those life-changing decisions. Running a business can be lonely – at The Confidence Oasis, you can share challenges and celebrate successes. Every month you will have exclusive access to members-only content including:

  • Expert interviews from blogging to social media to PR to finance to mindset.
  • Group coaching in the form of business hot seats (on a bid basis)
  • Laser coaching in a one to one 30 minute call with Sherry or a member of my team to focus on a specific issue on a first come first served basis

Plus an initial one-to-one Strategy Session (one hour) to help you get the most out of your membership.

In return, we’d love you to share your skills and experience with other members; to contribute and participate during the business hot seats. We expect you to take action and hold yourself accountable. We will stretch you … yet nurture you. We will challenge you … yet encourage you.  And we don’t expect you to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that you have a family too.

The Confidence Oasis business membership club gives you fantastic content at great value. Join in the discussions too in the The Confident Mother Means Business Facebook group.

Expert interviews and business hot seats are recorded and made available if you are unable to attend live (assuming the technology works as expected).  You can request specific topics or speakers for the expert interviews.

The value that you receive:

  • Initial one-to-one strategy session Value £125
  • One expert interview Value £50
  • One business hot seat Value £150
  • One 30 minute one-to-one coaching Value £65

The first 25 members pay just £97 for lifetime membership. Ordinarily, monthly membership will be £27 per month.

You can remain a member for as long as you want. There is no minimum membership period. What have you got to lose. For the price of a single 45 minute coaching session, you will gain lifetime membership to my business club which will help you grow your business, achieve more, develop your confidence and get ongoing support from a community of like-minded business mums.

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