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I want all mums to discover how to be

The Confident Mother

celebrating and loving life as a woman and as a mother.


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The Confident Mother is published on 17 September 2015. Order online today


The Confident Mother book.

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 The Confident Mother book + library.

The library contains 25+ unedited interview audio files plus conference workbook and action sheets. 

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Read the book and discover The Confident Mother secrets.

Want to discover what it means to be The Confident Mother? This book is for you. I share my personal story of family tragedy, near fatal head injury in a racing accident, postnatal depression, retraining as a breastfeeding counsellor and confidence coach, and now running a successful business that provides a perfectly imperfect balance with a happy family life. 

The Confident Mother is about celebrating and loving life as a woman and as a mother. For me that confidence comes from five different elements that you need to pay attention to: work, wellness, family, contribution, and feminine. 

More than 20 inspirational mothers and experts share their innermost secrets covering these aspects of modern motherhood:

  • Dame Sarah Storey breaks the mould and successfully educates the GB cycling team management to allow her to combine full-time competition with motherhood.
  • Toni Brodelle of the Pay It Forward Foundation encourages us to nurture our own emotional well-being and asks whose love you craved as a child.
  • Elaine Halligan and Melissa Hood of The Parent Practice show us how to raise our children’s self-esteem.

This book shows you how good enough really is good enough. You don’t need to be the perfect mother; simply focus on what’s most important to you to be The Confident Mother.

10% of the profits from this book will be donated to a local Baby Cafe that supports mums in the early days after birth.


What mums said about The Confident Mother

"Approachable" "Down-to-earth"

While some books promise quick-fix answers, this book looks at building strong and lasting foundations in your own behaviour and actions, so that you feel confident  to tackle the diversity of life as a mother. 

This book is sure to inspire you, support you and nurture you in being the confident mother you always hoped to be. 

Sherry's approachable and down-to-earth nature shines through and enables the reader to feel empowered and ready for anything right from the very first chapter.

Dame Sarah Storey
International Athlete
"Honesty of the speakers"

One of the things I am enjoying most from this conference is the honesty of the speakers when they are sharing their personal stories.

"Brilliant timing"

Brilliant timing! My youngest has low self-esteem and I have realised it's because I was praising how I praise his sister and not how he needs praising. This interview was perfect, thank you.

"Big girl pants"

I'm feeling very excited (and in need of big girl pants) to be part of The Confident Mother. I will be speaking about mindfulness and self-love as tools for mums to increase their joy, inner calm and self-esteem.

Lucinda Button
"What an inspirational interview"

What an inspirational interview of such a wonderfully confident mother. The interview was so gripping!

Carole Arnold

Order your copy of The Confident Mother today.


The Confident Mother book.

£11.99 (+ p&p)


The Confident Mother book + library.

The library contains 25+ unedited interview audio files plus conference workbook and action sheets. 

£39.99 (+ p&p)


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