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Discover how to create the feeling of confidence that comes when you balance these five elements in the way that is just right for you: contribution wellness | work | family | the feminine.

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The Confident Mother 2016 sessions


Sherry Bevan, Author, Coach & Speaker

How to celebrate and love life as a woman and as a mother

Sherry is founder of The Confident Mother which is all about celebrating and loving life as a woman and as a mother by balancing these five elements: work | wellness | contribution | family | and the feminine.

Sherry is also an active NCT volunteer and breastfeeding counsellor, as well as runner, cyclist, rat owner and mum to two daughters.

Find out more about Sherry at: theconfidentmother.co.uk.

Launch - Monday 11 January at 8pm GMT / 7am CST and 

Close & celebration - Friday 29 January at 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Laura Dodsworth, Author and Creator of Bare Reality

What do your breasts mean to you

Laura believes that our breasts are simply part of our body, not the most important thing about us. Yet what they mean to us, and our experiences of them, provide insights into some of the most personal aspects of being a woman. For two years, she photographed and interviewed women about their breasts, bodies and lives. Bare Reality shares the stories and photographs; are courageous, moving, funny, intimate and revelatory. 

Visit Laura's Bare Reality website

Live interview: Tuesday 12 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Elizabeth O'Shea, The Happy Childhood Expert

Emotional Intelligence for parents: help your child develop the skills to understand and manage their feelings and emotions

Regularly featured on national TV and radio, Elizabeth is a recognised expert who can show you how to transform your child's behaviour. 

Visit Elizabeth's website parent4success.com.

Live interview: Wednesday 13 January - 11am GMT / 5am CST


Jo Cormack, Therapist, Writer & Feeding Consultant

Solve picky eating and enjoy stress-free mealtimes with your children

Jo is a therapist, writer and feeding consultant (and mum of three). Her specialism is solving picky eating. She works with families, parents and professionals to help give children a great relationship with food.

You know what to feed your child; what Jo can help you with is how to feed them, making picky eating and stressful mealtimes things of the past.

Visit Jo's Emotionally Aware Feeding website.

Live interview: Wednesday 13 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Fi Feehan, Light Worker and Guide for Unicorns

How discovering your purpose can result in you being confident you are on the right path

Sherry is delighted to interview her own mindset coach and mentor. 

With warmth and genuine curiosity Fi works with people experiencing stress, anxiety, and/or depression to transform their lives and overcome barriers in order to find inner peace and their true purpose. She also supports small, heart centred businesses to grow. 

Fi is a certified coach, Master NLP Practitioner and certified on Mindfulness as part of her approach. She has an avid interest in positive psychology which enhances the experience for the people that she works with. Previously, Fi was a lead for parenting in a local authority where she wrote a parenting strategy for the county and developed and implemented a programme to enhance parenting skills

Visit Fi's website.

Live interview: Wednesday 13 January - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Emily Thorpe, Coach

Ditching the mummy guilt for good: how to break free of self-criticism and celebrate your choices

Many mums assume that feeling guilty is just part and parcel of being a parent, but it doesn’t have to be. The trouble with guilt, apart from the fact it is such a negative and draining emotion, is that it can also impact on how you show up as a parent and have a knock on effect on your family too.

Emily will help you to identify your guilt triggers and understand why you feel guilty as a parent. By changing your own rules and beliefs about being a parent, you will be able to embrace your choices and actions and be guilt free forever more.

Live interview: Thursday 14 January - 1pm / 7am CST


Vicky Warr, Postnatal Fitness Expert

The busy mum's secrets to having more energy to feel more confident

Founder of TheBeezKneez Hive, online fitness videos for Mums and TheBeezKneez, Vicky is a specialist in pregnancy and postnatal fitness for mums.

Vicky will share the busy mum's secrets to having more energy so that you feel more confident and have more fun! 

Live interview: Thursday 14 January - 8pm / 2pm CST


Judith Morgan, The Small Business Oracle

Making money from home – creative self-employment for confident mothers

Motherhood appears to offer the perfect opportunity to start your own small business from home. Self-employment increases a woman’s confidence and enables mothers to contribute to the household budget, whether by desire or financial necessity. But how will you juggle everything and fit that in around the all-consuming demands of family life when there appears to be so little time and energy left for you? 

Judith Morgan is an accountant turned business mentor who specialises in helping women achieve financial integrity and find creative self-expression through their own home-based businesses. 

Visit Judith's website judithmorgan.com.

Facebook: The Small Business Oracle.

Live interview: Wednesday 20 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Lori West, The Brilliance Trailblazer

Liberate Your Brilliance: how love and trust serve as the true keys to freeing authentic confidence

Confidence. When you think of the word, where does it take you? To your body image? Your relationships? Your career? Your home?

Consider that AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE has nothing to do with anything other than you and your relationship to yourself.

Of course, authentic confidence will impact your outer world, but it is generated from within. Its cornerstones are self-trust and self-love.

Authentic confidence is unshakeable. It radiates from your core of light, the source of your brilliance.

During this interview, Lori West, The Brilliance Trailblazer, will share with you her process for developing and radiating authentic, unshakeable confidence.

Read Lori's blog here.

Live interview: Wednesday 20 January - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Vanessa Anstee

It's ok to change your  mind ... one woman's journey of how she learned to trust her intuition

Vanessa works with women who’ve had enough of feeling powerless and stuck knowing something needs to change but unable to do it. Women who are burnt out or who know they need to change tracks but not sure how.

She helps them to learn to trust in their intuition and overcome their internal resistance. Vanessa knows exactly how to help her clients because this is the same journey that she has been on herself. 

In this interview, Vanessa will share how her business has evolved; the warning signs that told her she was getting it wrong; the intuition she tried to ignore and how she finally came to the realisation that she needed to do something more in alignment with her own core values.

Visit Vanessa's website www.vanessaanstee.com.

Live interview: Thursday 21 January - 11am GMT / 5am CST


Holli Rubin, Body Image Specialist

How we see and experience our bodies affects how we feel about ourselves

Holli's goal is to help you understand ways to establish and support a healthy body image. 

Visit Holli's website www.hollirubin.com.

Live interview: Thursday 21 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Rachel McGuiness

Get zesty to get confident

Rachel runs Zest Lifestyle and helps women to feel fit and healthy; energised, rested and focused. She is all about simple, sustainable solutions to enrich and rebalance your life – no empty promises, no gimmicks and no faddy diets.

Visit Rachel's website www.zestlifestyle.com

Live interview: Thursday 21 January - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Helen Hans, Antenatal Educator

The history of Attachment Theory and its relevance to trusting your instincts as a parent ...  

Helen is an experienced Antenatal Educator and Teacher Trainer for NCT, the UK's leading parenting charity. In this interview, Helen shares the history of what we have come to know as 'attachment parenting'. Discover why you should learn to trust in your instincts as a parent. 

NCT provides evidence-based information. Visit the website here www.nct.org.uk

Live interview: Friday 22 January - 3pm GMT / 9am CST


Nadia McInnis, CEO & Founder at Gifted Enterprise - Youths

You are more powerful than you know

Nadia is an inspirational speaker. Runner up in this year's London Speaker Factor, the judges said she stood out because she spoke from her heart. Nadia believes she has a gift to really move people to achieve their best. She will share her moving story of what inspires her.

Discover how to become more confident in your abilities. Irrespective of obstacles, background and family struggles you CAN become your best.

Gifted Enterprise, bringing out the gift in youths.

Live interview: Friday 22 January - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST


Rachel Vecht, Educating Matters

Homework matters

Very few children have the maturity and motivation to do their homework without support from an adult. Getting children of all ages to co-operate and willingly sit down and do their homework is a daily struggle in many households. This session is designed to give parents some guidance and hints as to how to get children to do their homework willingly and independently without having to nag, shout or bribe! When children do their best, they grow in confidence and become more motivated and responsible. Teaching your child good study habits is a foundation for successful work habits as an adult. 

Click here to find out more about Educating Matters.

Live interview: Monday 25 January - 11am GMT / 5am CST


Danielle Ayres, Associate Solicitor, Gorvins Solicitors

Danielle has carved out a niche area for herself and has become known as one of the go-to solicitors in the UK for maternity and discrimination cases after speaking to a number of mothers during her own maternity leave. 

On top of her brilliant day-to-day work in the Employment Team, Danielle works closely with a number of specialist websites and organisations. She has forged close links with the Pregnant Then Screwed campaign which aims to raise awareness of pregnancy discrimination in the UK. She also works closely with Working Mums and Maternity Action, answering questions, giving free advice and volunteering. Danielle holds a 6 weekly maternity and pregnancy discrimination clinic called Keeping Mum.

Find out more about Gorvins here.

Live interview: Monday 25 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST


Helen Elizabeth Evans

Be courageous, confident and powerful by accessing your true feminine strength

Helen Elizabeth Evans grew up in the wilds of the African bush surrounded by the native people. Her 'nanny' was a Swazi witchdoctor. This gave her a vastly different experience of what being feminine is, influencing her in every way from the courage to move continents and cultures, to her love relationship and how she parents her children, all the way to her work helping women create freedom-based, purpose-powered businesses.

Helen will open you up to how truly strong and powerful you are, no matter how insignificant, frustrated or stuck you might feel. You'll finally understand your real role in your family and in the world, and this will give you the self-belief, courage and confidence to take the right action for you!

Live interview: Monday 25 January - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST 


Lottie Moore, Firewalk Trainer

How to practice mindfulness to build your resilience and confidence

Lottie is the founder of WISH, a multi-award winning entrepreneur, and firewalk facilitator.

In this interview, we will explore how we can build the practice of mindfulness into our days in order to strengthen our resilience and our confidence.

More information: http://wishwomen.org.uk/

Live interview: Tuesday 26 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST 

Elaine Halligan & Melissa Hood, The Parent Practice

Parenting with confidence in the digital age

The Parent Practice has been helping parents give children happy childhoods and bright futures since 2004. Elaine and Melissa are respected voices in the parenting world. Their book Real Parenting for Real Kids is published in April 2016.

Drawing on the latest thinking in psychology, neuroscience and psychotherapy The Parent Practice team is trained in parenting and facilitation skills and have vast experience in parenting training. They are regularly featured on national radio and TV. 

Visit The Parent Practice website.

Live interview: Tuesday 26 January - 8pm GMT / 2pm CST 


Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer

How we get in our own way and what to do to overcome our resistance and find our confidence

Caroline is an expert in teaching people how to rewire your mindset and free yourself to deliver your full, extraordinary impact. Her absolute favourite thing is celebrating with her clients when they make the conscious decision to move out of their own way and choose a life that matters.

More about Caroline at CarolineFerguson.com.

Live interview: Wednesday 27 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST 


Mildred Talabi, CV & LinkedIn profile makeover expert; published author & podcast host

Land that job with a winning CV!

Are you looking to re-enter the job market after a career break? If so, tune in to ‘land that job with a winning CV!’ 

Using her renowned ‘7 Keys’ formula, Mildred Talabi - careers expert and author of 7 Keys to a Winning CV: How to create a CV that gets results - will show you just how you can create a CV that wins interviews – even if you have taken a career break.

More about Mildred at CVMakeOverExpert.com.

Live interview: Wednesday 27 January - 8.30pm GMT / 2.30pm CST 


Grace Marshall, Head Coach, Chief Encourager, Productivity Ninja

From crazy busy to confidently productive

Grace believes that productivity is much more than ‘getting stuff done’. It’s the ability to give our best in any situation, and to keep giving our best. To be on fire with passion and purpose, without burning out. To work, rest and play, without feeling guilty. To enjoy the crazy times without going crazy, and the calm times without getting bored.

Drawing from her own experience and her new book How to be Really Productive, she’ll share practical tips and insights on how to take action in the time that you have instead of feeling like there’s never enough time.

More about Grace at Grace-Marshall.com.

Live interview: Thursday 28 January - 1pm GMT / 7am CST 


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