Do you want to reshape your experience as a woman and a mother?

Just before half-term, I spent two days in the New Forest, a mini retreat from day-to-day life to focus ON my business (rather than busy IN my business). It was amazing.

Being away from my normal environment brought fresh inspiration and clarity on how I do my best work with women. And how women get the best value and the best experience working with me. I know that for many women who are stuck, lost, overwhelmed … AND want to go back to work or start a business, they LOVE the ongoing support and accountability on my longer programmes.

If you are stuck on something or feel like you are going round in circles, I really enourage you to take your own mini retreat.  Get out of your normal environment – for an hour or two, a day or even overnight. It will give you the space and time that you need to really focus on what you want and how to get it. Simply being in a different environment opens your mind and boost your creativity.

My retreat most certainly boosted my creativity and my energy to reshape The Confident Mother Experience. I want it to provide mums the help, support and accountability that they really need; 3 months is not enough to get you back into work or to change career or launch a business.  However I am also taking on board the advice I give to all my clients – focusing on one thing at a time, so I won’t launch the new programme until January, after the conference.

To be sure I am making the right changes, I am going to invite 5 lucky mums to join a beta of The Confident Mother Experience in November at half price.

If this sounds like it could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, and you (or a mum you know), is planning to go back to work, change career or start a new business, then join me on Wednesday evening for a free online training that will give you a kickstart. You can register here.

Did you plan to go back to work in September when the kids went back to school? Has life passed you by? Don’t beat yourself up – you still have time to get focussed and take action. Yes only, six weeks until the school holidays start. However if you have clarity and focus, you can get a LOT done in six weeks.

I’d love to see you sign up for the free training on Wednesday.

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