The Confident Mother Means Business mastermind

Get clarity, get confident, get strategic. 

  • Break free of the isolation of running your own business so you don't feel you are struggling on your own.
  • Stop going round in circles with your business ideas and plans.
  • Get the clarity and focus you need to know what to do next.
  • Appreciate the support and encouragement (maybe even the push) that you need to make the 'big' decisions.
  • Develop a clear business strategy and reduce the frustration with how your business is growing.
  • Discover time management strategies that work to give you a less stressful balance between business and family life.
  • Grow your mindset to prevent the lapses in self-belief and confidence, the nagging self-doubts.
  • Get comfortable with 'self-promotion' of you and your business. 
  • Share ideas, knowledge and experience with like-minded ambitious business women. 

Sherry Bevan, The Confidence Guide

I run The Confident Mother which is all about celebrating and loving life as a woman and as a mother. I believe you only get that feeling of confidence when you pay attention to these five elements: work, wellness, contribution, family and the feminine. 

I know only too well the pressures and challenges of being a mum running a business. In 2009, I was invited to set up the first international office for a leading US service provider. We won our first contract with a major law firm 6 months ahead of schedule. I successfully built and managed that business for three years before setting up my own business as a consultant specialising in law firm technology in 2012 (while studying to qualify as a counsellor and coach). All this with two young children at school. Plus training for the London Marathon. Crazy, I know. 

After two years of moderate success, I wanted more. I knew there was something missing; that I was holding myself back. I joined my first mastermind in 2014. Since then my business has evolved and grown beyond my wildest dreams. Now I use my inner strength and confidence to help other business mums; to nurture and inspire them to make life-changing decisions with ease. I am an action taker and I know exactly how to get you past the confidence blocks and inertia that are holding you back in business and in life.

This is what it takes to run a successful business ... 

  • 1.

    a clear vision and clarity of purpose

  • 2.

    willingness and ability to take action today

  • 3.

    ambition, drive and dedication

  • 4.

    effective and realistic business success strategy

  • 5.

    support from a mentor, who has been there, done it and got the t-shirt

  • 6.

    enthusiasm and to continue to develop and grow

  • 7.

    a strong team of like-minded people around you to keep you on track and hold you accountable

Maybe you have one or two of these success factors already.

How do you get the others?

I designed The Confident Mother Means Business mastermind with these success factors in mind. Maybe you're not sure what a mastermind is all about. Very simply, a mastermind group provides a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting with like-minded business mums to sharpen your business and personal skills. 

I have worked with three different mastermind groups and I can't believe the transformation in my business, my confidence and my success. 

The Confident Mother Means Business mastermind starts soon. I wish I had known about masterminds earlier ... it really does propel your business forward. 

Since joining my first mastermind, I have been runner up in the UK Expert Authority Challenge 2014, nominated Entrepreneurial Mum of the Year, ran an amazingly successful online conference, The Confident Mother in 2015, 2016 and again in 2017. 

I have interviewed Dame Sarah Storey, Minister Jo Swinson and MP Kirsty Black (among others), am frequently asked to comment on Sky News, and BBC Radio, articles published in City AM and HR Director, multiple speaker opportunities, launched Confident Conversations podcast and published a book.

This mastermind will give you and your business ... 

  • 1.

    6-month intensive business growth and acceleration programme

  • 2.

    initial one-to-one strategy session (identify what you want and need for your business success) 

  • 3.

    absolute clarity on your business strategy, identify the gaps in your business (whether resources, skills, products, etc), set your objectives to maximise your potential

  • 4.

    3 x full day meetings in London or Kent, away from the day-to-day pressures - dedicated "hotseat" time when the whole group will focus on your business challenges - it might be scary but you'll love it too!

  • 5.

    group calls (to maintain the momentum in the months we don't meet in person)

  • 6.

    weekly email accountability (to keep you on track)

  • 7.

    closed forum (a safe place to celebrate successes, share challenges, ask questions and be inspired)

It's not magic ... 

Belonging to a mastermind group does not create the magic. You do that. 

However it will give you a team of cheerleaders who understand you, your business and how you balance your work and family life; the team will not fuss over you - instead they will inspire, stretch and challenge you. It's like having your own board of directors. 

  • You will be held accountable for the actions and strategy that you commit to. 
  • You will benefit from the group's collective expertise, knowledge and creativity. 
  • You will get clarity on your vision.
  • You will develop a coherent strategy and build an effective and realistic action plan. 
  • And that's without the lasting friendships.

This mastermind is limited to eight businesses to ensure that each of you maximises the opportunity for development, feedback and discovery. I want you to really focus on your business success and growth.

If you are ambitious and serious about your business success in 2017 and beyond; if you are willing to take action to get the success that you want and deserve; if you are ready to invest in your business and in your own personal development, but not at the expense of your family, get in touch today for a Strategy Conversation to find out more.  

Even if you don't fit the criteria, it's still a conversation worth having. If you're not a good fit for the group, we can explore other ways to work together e.g. on a one-to-one basis. Together we can decide if this is the right investment for your business. 

"Ahead of many coaches"

As a coach, Sherry provides invaluable, quality content that is concise and will drive your business forward. 

I met Sherry at a Mastermind group and found her to be a remarkable coach that goes the 'extra mile' to ensure you achieve the objectives to grow your business. She has a natural ability to pick up on someone's strengths and when you work with her she will help you get clear on what those are so you can really focus on what you are good at doing (even if you are not sure what these are). 

Her clarity and action-taking ... puts her ahead of many coaches. She has helped me cut through the overwhelm AND focus on implementing steps to move forward. 

I highly recommend working with Sherry.

Vicky Warr
Wellbeing Consultant
The Beez Kneez

What if you had absolute confidence in your business...

Did you set up your business because you wanted flexibility, independence and a better work-family balance? Is that what you have right now? If you were truly successful in your business, what would that look like for you? 

If you are thinking "I can't possibly take a whole day out from my business because I've got so much to do" you need to start thinking less like an employee and more like the CEO of a successful business. What can you outsource? 

Maybe you're worrying about childcare ... seriously when you have the will, when you want success, there IS a way. On my mastermind days, I ask a friend to cover the school run or invite my children home for tea. The school offers after-school clubs, or I book a couple of hours with a childminder. A very small investment considering the incredible value I get from the day with my mastermind group. 

If you want absolute confidence in your business success, do what successful people do. Work ON your business not just IN your business. 

Most women don't invest enough in themselves or their business. Don't make that mistake.  

Surround yourself with other successful people - you may have heard the saying “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 

Running a successful business is not just about working hard, you have to work smarter too. But how do you know what 'smarter' is? Wouldn't it be so much easier to learn from the experience of others? Why reinvent the wheel. 

Joining a mastermind is a significant investment - both time and money. But on the other hand, what does it cost to learn everything yourself from scratch? There are 100s of free or low-cost courses that you can access online. Many of us sign up and never do anything with them. Our enthusiasm fizzles out because we don't get the results we expect; there's no consistency, no clear strategy or you're doing something that's just not you. And when you waste hours trying to figure it ourselves - that's time you could be spending with your family. 

Honestly, there is nothing like committing to a strategy and actions in front of your peers to keep you on track. In my first 12 months with a mastermind, I launched an online conference, was invited to be interviewed on BBC Radio Kent, Runner Up in the UK Expert Authority Challenge and published my first book. And it's not stopped there.

"Good business knowledge"

Sherry brings many talents to her coaching. She is patient, organised and her enthusiasm is infectious. 

Her good business knowledge and positive mindset really contribute to a quality service. 

Rare to work with someone so passionate about what they do and I think this is what makes her service really stand out.

Lorna Mills
Positive Psychology Coach
"Astute questions"

Sherry has helped me make progress in my business set-up.

She asked astute questions going to the core of the issue which helped me unravel my issue. 

She helped me see beyond my fears so that I would gain confidence and take bold steps forward. 

Tanja Spittal
Relocation specialist

The smart investment your business deserves ... 

So if you are serious about making the changes you need to take your business to the next level and achieve your dreams, I am taking applications now for the next programme.  A mastermind is not a sticking plaster solution. It's an investment, and a significant one too. 

I am really excited about sharing this opportunity with you.  I’m going to be give you a lot of my time and focus and that means that I can’t make this group available to absolutely everyone. I only have eight places available and I want to be sure that only the most committed, focussed and ambitious women join me. I have designed this programme to help you reach your business and personal goals much faster than if you were left to your own devices. Why reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from the experience of others. 

First complete the application form. Don’t worry if you don’t have answers to all the questions. It might be worth us having a chat anyway. It’s better for us to have the conversation than for you to miss out. Depending on what stage you’re at with your business, if I don’t think you’re a good fit for the mastermind, I will be honest and say so but I can still help you on a one-to-one basis. Let's have a chat - we can review your business and your plans, and I'll answer any questions you have. If I don't think you're a good fit, I will be honest and say so. I am particular about who joins because the group dynamic is so important. 

This IS the programme that will help you achieve your goals - are you ready to invest and commit in your business? Apply today. I am so excited about working with women like you who are action takers and want more success AND fit in around their family too.


What masterminding means to me ... 

I have been running my own business since 2012. But I always knew I wanted to take my business to the next level. I am a smart, intelligent business woman. I learn fast. I'm creative. I have a great network of contacts. And I'm passionate about what I do. 

I knew I needed to be pushed, stretched and challenged. Yet friends and family often want to protect you ... and quite honestly just don't understand your business.

I knew that the right mentor could make a big difference. Yes I know how to research. I know how to ask questions. Over time I can learn how to create products, develop a marketing strategy, build my expert authority etc but what if I could do that more quickly and effectively AND get support.

The difference between my business in 2014 when I joined my first mastermind and today is HUGE.  

It felt like a leap of faith because it was a big investment but ... my business is unrecognisable now. 

I know that this will be a significant investment for you so which is why I ask you to complete the application form. I am very vigilant about who's in the group because the group dynamics are so important. If I don't think you're a good fit, I will be honest and say so, but I can still help you on a one-to-one basis. 

I wish I had known about business masterminds earlier ... it really does propel your business forward. Since joining my first mastermind, I have been runner up in the UK Expert Authority Challenge 2014, nominated Entrepreneurial Mum of the Year 2014, frequently asked to comment on Sky News and BBC Radio, ran three amazingly successful online conferences, The Confident Mother, interviewed Dame Sarah Storey and former Minister Jo Swinson, launched my Confident Conversations podcast, nominated for NCT President and published my first book in September 2015.

My experience shows that when you tap into the power of the group, the skills, experience, connections and the energy of others, your business will take a big leap to the next level. The return on investment is indescribable. You will come away from each session feeling refreshed, inspired and confident. And when you feel confident, you will take action. 

The five big things I get from a mastermind: confidence, challenge, clarity, creativity and connections. Listen to me talk about this here.

In my mastermind group, you will work towards your own business goals - not mine, not anybody else's. You will be nurtured and inspired to work to your values and your strengths. Your success will be accelerated because you will be gaining from the combined knowledge and experience support of the other members of the group. You will develop valuable lifetime friendships with other determined business owners. They will be just like your private board of directors. You will move you and your business beyond the confidence blocks and inertia that are holding you back. 

So many of us spend so much time working in the business and don't take time to work 'on' the business. This is your opportunity. Take it now. 

The Confident Mother Means Business mastermind starts soon

and is limited to eight places. Apply today.